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Anonymous said: Do you have any recommendations for a long distance relationship??


Someone also asked me sort of a similar question. They asked how do you make long distance relationships work.
You just do it. You just stay up til 3 am talking and laughing on FaceTime when you know you have class in a few hours. Sleep on FaceTime with them, I promise nothing is better than waking up to person you love. And when you’re sleeping and you randomly wake up in the middle of the night, you’ll smile when you look over and see them sleeping and they’ll just look so goddamn cute. Have date nights, start a show together on Netflix. Send each other letters and packages. Spray your favorite sweatshirt with you perfume and send it to them. Surprise them with gifts. Sext each other. Don’t be afraid to have phone/FaceTime sex. Intimacy is important.
Communicate. Even when you’re fighting. You can’t just go drive to their house and yell at each other, you’re gonna have to work it out. Be honest with each other. Tell each other everything. Text them in the middle of the day and tell them about a moment of your day when you really wish they could of been there. Never stop sending those long heart felt texts. Never stop reminding them that you only want them and that they’re worth it. And then you try like hell to make it to them. You get a job. You save every bit of money you can and you save for that plane ticket or for gas money and you get to them. No matter how long it takes or hard it is. You make it to them. And you make sure that every moment not spent together is made up for when you’re finally with them

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blue is the warmest color is honestly the cutest and most natural, realistic love movie i have ever seen

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"Cause I’d rather fight with you than laugh with another"
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regay if your blog

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"Show me your worst,
And I will show you
How I love you
Just the same."

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